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Energetic Bodywork

Jin Shin Jyutsu
MFT Testing
Cranial Sacral
Emotional & Stress Reducing Techniquesand
 Simple yes.  Powerful and effective yes again.

Helping you feel better, so you can enjoy your life.
Alleviating, Melting Pain Away

 Jin Shin Jyutsu: (JSJ)  Like acupuncture BUT NO NEEDLES just hands
                          Balancing Body/Mind/Spirit all at once.  Compassionate work. JSJ is often referred to as the art of benevolence, longevity and happiness. It is one of the coolest modalities i get to practice.  It has  huge  potential, and has an amazing ability to restore balance, body, mind and spirit.

Whole Food Supplements:  Supplements as close to their natural state as                                           possible, containing all vitamins, minerals, macro and micro, trace                             elements and all the things we don't yet know are in there.  I  work with Standard Process, MediHerb and Energetics products.  All, leaders in this industry. The best i can find and work with.

 Where Energy and Nutrition Meet 

MFT Testing: " Mprphhogenic Field Technique is an innovative energy signature testing procedure for many kinds of practitioners who want to do more for their patients.  It originates ("genic") positive change ("morph") and harnesses the power of the body's energy fields at the cellular level.  It is an intergrated holistic approach that involves 100% natural and nutritional protocols custom matched to each individual's needs."
 Did you know? 80% or more of diseases of man kind are due to two things?
STRESS and POOR NUTRITION over extended period of time.  

Do You Have?
    Back pain
    Neck pain
    Tight shoulders
    Pain from repetitive work
    Chronic pain from
    Sciatic pain
    Sore Feet
    Poor Digestion
    Poor health
    Just feel like something         isn't right but your doctor         says your fine
    Know you are not eating         right and need to fill in           somehow
Do You Need?
    RELIEF from PAIN
    Deep relaxation
    Improved immune
    Improved circulation
    Improved Digestion
    Balance and oneness of
    Gifts for family, friends,
     Power naps
    To feel better, like you           used to
***  This is my energetic Bodywork page.  Other modalities of massage and body work are available.  Please go to my masssage web site at 
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